Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The flower girl and ring bearer

Kims Wedding

Natalie and Adam

We headed to Indianapolis a couple of weekends ago to celebrate the union of marriage with Kim and Michael. They had a beautiful wedding and Natalie and Adam were in the wedding! They did a great job.

Kims Wedding2

Yeah, I know she looks way older than 7! Its just that quirky personality of hers that shines through! Well she’s also absolutely beautiful, If I do say so myself!

Kims Wedding3

Kim and Natalie

We had a great evening of dancing, food, and fellowship!


Siblings all fancied up!


The Cake


Natalie, Adam and Travis!                          




549 551

DSCN2875  Giving Kim away!

DSCN2917 DSCN2933

Father & Daughter Dance                                              My Michael and Kim



Travis found a lint roller to play baseball with!541

Our beautiful family….


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  1. That picture of Natalie is awesome! Looks like you all had a great time!