Monday, March 21, 2011

Natalie's 7th Birthday

Natalie celebrated her 7th Birthday on February 14, 2011. Mike and I can hardly believe our little girl is now 7. We are so not ready for this!! She just keeps growing and growing and getting so much smarter! This makes me sad to think she isn't so little anymore! Oh no, the tears are sweeling up...I can't see very clearly!
We had a Tea Party for Natalie at our house with a few of her friends. The little girls came dressed in their fancy dresses. They got to have punch in Tea cups and saucers, heart shaped cheese, animal crackers, and those heart shaped candies with sayings on them! The girls all had a wonderful time. I think their favorite were the heart shaped cheese and punch!
Natalie loved her cake and picked out some very pretty flowers to go on the table as the center piece. We had a great time!

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