Monday, March 21, 2011


We have been playing outside alot in the afternoons around here! This nice weather is wonderful! This is the first time for Travis to see what its like to be outside and wonder around. Its as if he has discovered a whole new world. All the kids love to be outside! I have been asked if they can play outside at 7:00 AM...and then told them the rule is that they are not allowed to go out until at least 9:ooAM! These kids crack me up! They are so full of life!
Natalie and Adam have been practicing riding scooters! This task takes alot of large motor skills and they are doing so well. The coordination that riding a scooter is something that I don't have, but they do! I have tried riding their scooters and they get a good laugh about it! Natalie has also been perfecting her bike riding skills with her 2 wheeler! (We took her training wheels off at the end of last summer!) Adam on the other hand, poor guy, his chain keeps falling off of his bike? I'm not to sure on how to fix this problem?
On March 11, I went away for the day! I know, I can't believe it either! This was my first full day away in 7 years! Yes, since Natalie has been born! I mean I have been away with just the kids, with just Michael, but never away completely without husband or children! I went to a women's conference in Bloomington, IL. Hearts at Home is where I went. Its an awesome event for moms of all ages, to learn more go to I had a great time taking some much needed classes and learning some new things about being a wife and mommy at "mom school". I also got to meet up with a friend who I haven't seen in a long time! We got to chat over a wonderful dinner, you know a restaurant where we had no children with us and we didn't have to use a knife to cut up any ones food, take anyone to the bathroom, or answer any questions about when the food is coming, what is this food made from or can we go to McDonald's after this so we can play and get a toy? I enjoyed myself very much! I came back home refreshed and full of new ideas! Mike had the kids all day and did very well! (everyone was still breathing when I arrived home) I came home to Adam and a new haircut, which was well overdue and very cute on him! He can now spike his hair!
We are keeping busy with our homeschooling and all that we do at home! And well, that's another post with in itself! I will try to get a post up of our homeschooling shortly and show you all what we have been up to!

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