Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where it all began…..

Mike and I have been married 8 1/2 yrs. I am amazed at how God has worked through our marriage in thick and thin. We have been through some very tough storms and trials. We have had high and low points. We have sought God in every situation, but sometimes as a “last” resort. We are not proud of that decision, but we are human, and we do sin….okay pick your jaws up off the floor! I know that shocked you all! Yes, we admit it, we are not perfect!  But as each day goes by we love each other more than we did on November 2, 2002, when we said our vows in front of lots of people. I thank God that he has brought two people together to do what we have done. We may not be doing a huge extraordinary thing in this world, but we are doing something extraordinary in our own home and in the lives that surround us! Praise God for this!

before the wedding0001 

Our engagement picture, 2002.

 before our wedding0003

Some Fun pictures of our engagement year!

before our wedding0001

before our wedding0002

One of the wedding showers.

1st wedding pic0001                          1st wedding pic0003

1st wedding pic0002And we are Mr. and Mrs. Creek!

after wedding0001Michael graduates from college, and we are expecting…4months along!

after wedding0002 We become Mommy and Daddy!

100_0065Welcome Natalie Kirstin Creek, 5lbs4oz 18in long, February 14, 2004!


100_0306Welcome Adam Thomas Creek, 6lbs4oz and 19in long, November 30, 2005!

DSCN0810Welcome Travis Alexander Creek, 7lbs9oz, 19in long, September 23, 2009!

And that is how our story began!! God is blessing us daily!

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