Monday, April 11, 2011

Our weekend….

We had an exciting weekend. We have learned that as people leave the heart grows fonder and when they return we are excited to see them and realize how important they are in our lives. I say this because Michael went to North Carolina for a Men's Retreat based on the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. He left early Thursday morning, drove to NC and had stayed until Sunday morning, drove back home and got to see us before the kids went to bed!

He was gone for a total of four days and in that time we did a lot of missing daddy. We knew this would be a trip of a lifetime for Daddy. He enjoyed himself very much, learned  a few new things about the Lord we serve, and grew some as well! He also got to have some great worship, catch up with some people he hasn’t seen in a while, eat great food, and bask in the glory of the Lord. I believe God spoke measures into his heart! I am so glad he went! Although he is so tired, I don’t think he can see straight, but he did get up and go to work this morning!

As for us that were holding down the fort at home, we kept busy! On Thursday, Natalie had dance class in the evening. These next few weeks are very crucial for practice, we have the recital the last weekend of April. We cleaned up some of the house and I mopped the floors upstairs! Whooohooo! On Friday we did a few errands and then went to see HOP in the theater! This was a great time for the kids and quite a cute movie about the Easter Bunny! We also had a few special treats of popcorn, candy, and sodas! SSSHHHH, Don’t tell but we snuck in our own sodas and candy. I just can’t bring myself to buy those at the theater, when I am able to buy them at Walgreens for almost nothing.  After the movie the kids were so energetic ( I wonder why?) so we then went to the mall to burn some energy in the play area. This was a great idea,  they ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, complained of being thirsty, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, cried that they were thirsty, they had to go potty, they wanted to walk around, they ran, ran, ran, ran, and then we walked around some more and got pretzels and a drink. Then I went into the Hallmark store and they complained that I was taking to looooonnnnggg and they wanted to go. So we left and came home to take baths and go to bed! Then came Saturday…okay I was really tired by this day, so we stayed home most of the day and the kids played outside and rode bikes and scooters. I did laundry and some organizing! Later that afternoon we went to Kreckles Dairy Maid! If you live in Decatur you know all about this place! Anyway, this is a wonderful place to eat. We had hamburgers, french fries and Lemon Ice Cream with sprinkles! We finished our evening out with a date to the Scovill playground. The kids played so hard that they slept in late on Sunday morning! I mean they woke up at like 8, when they are usually up at about 6:30 or 7. On Sunday, we went to church, went to Mcd’s for lunch and played, came home and napped, played outside and then went to Nene’s to eat dinner and play Legos and trains. We finished up our weekend by going to the grocery store and coming home to meet Daddy after his long trip! Everyone was glad to see him!

Sayings of the Weekend

Travis: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy (everything was Daddy, he wouldn’t say Mommy or anything of the like)

Adam: I didn’t miss Daddy at all, well maybe a little. (Talking about Daddy coming home, and Natalie says I miss him a lot, but Adam added his 2 cents)

Natalie: Mom, I can’t answer that question right now, this is not a school day. (Talking about Sunday school and her God time card questions, which we do as part of her daily devotion time on school days)

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  1. It looks great! So beautiful your family!