Saturday, April 2, 2011



In order to organize my home a little better I created a Household Manual. This manual is made up of checklists, information, and schedules for our family. This is working for our family and is pretty extensive, as I normally go overboard on organization! I have compiled all of my information for our family into a 3 ring binder, with different categories separated with subject dividers and then all pages in sheet protectors. All of my information is typed and saved on the computer to make it easier if anything would need to be changed or we would need more copies!

This process may seem overwhelming, but you can do as much or little as you please! You must make it fit for your family. These are all of the sections that fit our family in this season. I'm sure with time it will change!

I always leave this binder in the kitchen or next to the computer, that way it is easily accessible to anyone with in our home.

Section One-My daily sheet

  • This sheet has a place for me to check things off as I do them daily, write things that need to be done and whatever else I feel is important within the day.

  • Our "daily" schedule, we normally follow this pretty routinely.

    Daily Sheet

Section Two-Cleaning Schedule

  • I have a list of what should be done daily, weekly, and monthly in each room.
  • I then took all of the information from my monthly cleaning schedule and put them into a spread sheet with chores on the side going down and then the months going across the page so I would be able to check each box for each month/chore.

Section Three-Kids Chore Charts

  • Ours are very simple, basic things that they are to do when they wake up and before bed.

Section Four-Menu Planning

  • Menu Planner for seven days, with spaces for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Grocery shopping list.
  • Recipes that we would like to try.

Section Five-Phone Numbers

  • A list of peoples names, cell number, home number and work phone number.
  • I made this for a "just in case" situation, you just never know when you will need a number, loose your cell phone with all those numbers stored in it.
  • This is a good reference for family members or babysitters that may be watching your kiddos.
  • What if there were a true emergency?

Section Six-Family Bible Time

  • This maybe lessons we have found online, following up on something we learned at church or maybe a lesson God has laid on our hearts for our children to know!

Section Seven-Babysitting Information

  • I do in-home childcare. Anything pertaining to my childcare kids I have in this section.

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  1. You sound very organize:) I need something like this for my house but who knows if I will ever do it:) Stopping by from workboxes. Happy SUnday