Thursday, October 27, 2011

Funny Little Boy!


Our family was at church Wednesday evening and we were just talking and visiting with a few people. I was standing up and the kids had been playing and eating their candy from their fall festival.

I was talking and then heard….I see your underwear!!…I proceeded to look down and saw Adam laying on the floor looking up. He had crawled in between my feet and was looking up my skirt. I hadn’t even noticed, he was very sly and quick.

I was embarrassed and then laughed and then had to correct my child.

I asked Adam if he thought it was appropriate to look up a persons skirt and yell that he could see their underwear? He replied, No, Mommy I was inappropriate. 

Wow I can’t believe he did that. Definitely one of the most embarrassing things he has done!

Has this every happened to you? Do you have any funny little boy stories?

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