Monday, October 24, 2011


Today we had beautiful weather outside and the kids were running in and out all afternoon. They were thrilled to be able to play outside with out jackets! I even had the dining room windows open so the children could be heard from outside if they needed anything! All was well and I went into the kitchen, where I could still hear all of the children and then it happened…I heard a cry….we as parents know this cry. It’s the one where you become sick to your stomach, you get a lump in your throat and run to the crying child….I hear Adam yell…he’s bleeding, he’s bleeding as Travis is standing in the driveway by the gravel and wagon.

He was standing up with blood dripping from the back of his head. I swooped him up, got him inside by the kitchen sink as I was yelling Miiiicccchhhhaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll!!! Michael came upstairs and asked what happened? I explained what happened to him as he grabbed a washcloth. I got the washcloth wet and started to wash away the blood on Travis’ head. It looked okay to me, but was still bleeding. Mike on the other hand was laying on the couch in the dining room with his feet up. (Oh yeah, he doesn’t do blood. He gets queasy and light headed). He informed me that Travis needed to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM….I didn’t argue, I just gathered my things and put the baby in the car and drove to the ER.

As we were driving to the ER, I explained to Travis that we were going to the doctor and we needed to have his boo boo checked out and make sure it was all okay. We walk in and explain to the lady at the front desk what happened, we are then taken into have Travis weighed, check his temperature and blood pressure and give a quick history of his health. All the while I am having to talk over a screaming child and ask the nurse to repeat her questions at least three times before I am able to answer. Sorry. My baby is screaming that he wants to go bye bye and no night night. The nurse takes us to ER Room #5.


Its not long before admitting comes in and gives Travis his anklet! Travis is still screaming and crying. He was scared and thinking that he was going to have to go night night on the bed in the ER. I told him he wouldn’t have to and that we would go bye bye after the Dr. looked at his boo boo. He was not taking that for a final answer. He wanted to leave and leave now. He cried and cried and I just held him and tried to console him. He did calm down, and then the Dr. had to come in. We then had to get on that night night bed, which made him more mad and upset. The Dr. looked at his boo boo and said there was about a 5mm cut. Dr. didn’t think he needed stitches, but would need staples….I’m sorry, what did you say. You are going to put STAPLES into my babies head? Dr. says, Yes I am and they can come out in 10 days. Then I am told that Travis is not going to have any numbing medication before the staples go in. (No numbing meds because they don’t work on the head). Okay.

The Dr. left the room to go and get his supplies and Travis was all worked up. I got him calmed down again and relaxed and then the Dr. began to clean the area really well and prep it for the staples.  Dr. says, here we go Mom. I became scared for my child. Scared of the pain he was going to endure. I wanted it to be me, because I could “handle” it better. I began praying over Travis. Praying out loud and for him to have comfort. I sang Jesus Loves Me and it was all over. He had done it. Two staples in the back of my babies head. We waited for paperwork to be finished and we were free to go. Free to go home, and see Daddy.


Travis walked half way out of the ER. It was like a surreal moment. I felt like I was in a movie. Travis had a bloodstained shirt, matted hair, with a red, puffy face. He had a smile though. He was happy to be leaving and going home to show Daddy his boo boo and his ankle bracelet.

We drove home and Travis was awake and very alert. He walked in very proud and showed his Daddy what he got. He pointed to his head and said boo boo then lifted his pant leg to show Daddy his ankle bracelet. Travis is so brave, so strong, so full of life.

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