Friday, October 14, 2011

HMJ-October 14, 2011


In my life this week:

I have to say, I have had a great week. Nothing to great or to bad happened. Fairly quiet, content, routine week. I love weeks like these!

In our homeschool this week:

We added Science in our studies this week. Natalie loved it. Adam on the other hand wasn’t feeling well the day we did our science so he missed out. Natalie keeps asking  everyday if we are going to do more science. I say, we are only going to do it once a week at this point. If they want more, maybe we can add it in as we have time?

What’s working/not working for us:

I hate to say this and feel like an awful mother at times, but then on the other hand I don’t feel bad because I don’t see a problem with it at times….our kids watch television and play on the computer a lot of times during “school hours”. I don’t know if this is a bad thing or not, its not as if they sit in front of one or the other from the time they rise till bed time. I have tried to limit time with television, I have tried no television during the school week and then I just give in and let them watch it because they then drive me crazy in a sense! So I am wondering on how I find a happy medium for our family?

Questions/thoughts I have;

Do you allow your children to have free range of computer time and/or television during the school day?

My favorite thing this week:

I have to say it was Moms Night Out with our homeschool group of moms. We always have a great time and have great food!

Something to share:


These are the treats we got at the Apple Orchard last weekend. Apple cider slushy, apple cider in an apple, and an apple doughnut were a few things we sampled while we were there.


  1. I do not allow my kids free range of any electronics during "school" hours. My oldest is allowed one hour of the computer or wii in the morning. My son can not seem to control himself with electronics. They seem to consume him. I would say do whatever works for your family. Eletronics does not work for my family, but it might work for your family.

  2. Nope! Screen time is very limited here. But don't feel badly! It's all about what you are comfortable with for YOUR family!

    We do watch some documentaries for school occasionally and have Movie Night a few times a month, but there are days when the kids don't watch TV, play video games or go on the computer. I find that they are much more creative, read for longer periods of time, exercise more, and misbehave less without Screen Time.

    What GREAT apple treats! We got Whoopie Pies and cranberries on our orchard visit. I know - strange people! LOL

  3. We don't allow the television to be on during schooling, unless it is an educational show we are using for learning. My two oldest use the computer in the mornings for learning only. I do allow some time, some evenings for games on the computer.

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

  4. Thankyou for all of the advice! @Jennifer, Thankyou for nominating me! It means alot!