Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Newly Organized School Room



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We are now entering our 2nd year of homeschooling and we have moved the school room, again! We had our old school room in an extra room in the basement and it worked, but I always felt secluded and depressed in the room. So here we are in our new school room that is out in the open in our basement. We live a lot downstairs as it houses our living room and playroom and classroom. Its just one big area! I have put the school room right next to the living room and where our computer sits. That way we are able to spread out into the living room couch for reading and such, or while the kids are taking a break they can go to the toy area. I think we will enjoy being out in the “action” and not secluded in a depressing room.

In our new space we have lots more light and space. So, please come in and take a look…

Soaring Creek Academy 2011-2012 Classroom

As you come down the stairs into the basement you will first see our classroom area. On the right hand side is our first bookshelf that holds all of our art supplies and main manipulatives.


If you go further down the wall you will see our main table area and computer.  I am currently looking for a smaller table so that we can fit it better and sit around it in the area as apposed to lining up.


These are the workboxes. We are adding Travis into the mix this year. He will start Tot School with 3 boxes, Adam is K with 5 boxes and Natalie 2nd with 6 boxes.


As you come down the stairs into the basement and look to the left wall you will see another shelf that holds all of our current school books that don’t go into our workboxes. These are organized by subject on the shelves.


And on the very end of the left side of the wall we have our alphabet cards and number chart.


There you have it! All of our other reading books are stored upstairs in our dining room. We read up there a lot also on the cozy couch.

Happy Homeschooling! Have a great year!


  1. looks great, you are very organised! :) happy new school year and enjoy the new space!

  2. Looks good! We have that same colorful cart for organizing school supplies! I'm stopping by from the (Not)Back to School blog hop.

  3. I love that green chair ;)

  4. Looks great! Thanks for sharing your homeschool with us.

  5. What a lovely place to school! Thanks for sharing :)