Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Curriculum Line Up for 2011-2012


A few things I have learned after our families first year of homeschooling…..

Love, Patience, Prayer, Repeat

Find support with fellow homeschoolers

We don’t have to have “formal” school everyday, they still learn with out the books

Enjoy teaching your children, they really do get/understand what they are learning

Throw out the extremely rigorous schedule, it just stresses us out and makes us grumpy

Its okay if we don’t get it “all” done

While out in public, people may find out that we homeschool, then they begin to quiz our children about things that they might/should know? WHY?


Materials that are a must in our Homeschool

Laminator, White Board and Markers, Scissors, Glue, Construction Paper, Markers/Crayons, Scotch Tape, Computer, Printer/Copier, Label Maker, Timer, Electric pencil Sharpener, Camera, Wii, CD player and lots of room for everyone to spread out!

2011-2012 at Soaring Creek Academy

I’ve been planning for this new “school” year for the last few months. I have gone to a Homeschool Conference, researched blogs and reviews online, talked with fellow homeschoolers and prayed.

Although we have been working on Reading, Math and Phonics all summer, we will begin our school routine in August. We will add Bible, History, Science, Art, PE,  Handwriting.

On with our 2011-2012 Curriculum 

Group Work

Bible: Sonlight Core A readings, NIRV Kids Book of Devotions, The Memory Bible; Learn 52 Bible Verses with CDs.

History: Sonlight Core A:Inrto to the World Cultures

Science: Sonlight Core A:Biology, Earth Science and Physics

Art/Picture Study: Usborne Art Treasury, Free Art Time, Any other projects we decide to do?

Read Alouds: To many to list

Natalie 7yrs, 2nd Grade

My main goals with Natalie this year are for her to become a stronger reader and enjoy reading for herself.

Math-Horizons 2

Spelling:  Modern Curriculum Press Level B

Phonics: Modern Curriculum Press Level B

Reading: Sonlight 2nd Grade Reading Schedule and Readers

Handwriting: D’Nealian Handwriting 3 (cursive)

PE: Tap and Ballet, Wii, Whatever else she comes up with physically


Adam 5.5yrs, Kindergarten

My main goals with Adam this year are to begin reading and  writing letters and numbers on paper.

Math-Horizons K

Phonics: Modern Curriculum Press Level K and Level A

Reading: Sonlight K Reading Schedule and Readers

Handwriting: D’Nealian Handwriting K

PE: Wii along with whatever he may come up with physically


Travis 22months (2 in September), Tot School

My main goal with Travis this year is to have fun, learn colors, count to 10.

Math: Counting objects, Number Recognition

Phonics: Work on recognizing letters and sounds, Leap Frog Letter Toy

Art: Learn Colors, Color, Dry Erase Board, Paint

PE: Chasing Siblings, throwing a baseball, Jumping off furniture

Manipulatives or Helpful Items

Math: We use Math-U-See blocks to help with counting or colored foam blocks

Spelling/Reading/Phonics: We use

Websites: The kids may also play games on,,

Legos, Wooden Building Blocks, Word Tiles, K’Nex, Globe, Rubber Band Peg Board, Flash Cards, World Map, Ice Cube Trays, Connecting Blocks, Lacing Beads, Caps from water bottles/soda bottles/gallons of milk/juice containers, dice, board games, puzzles.

Please remember that these are the things that work for OUR family. Don’t feel guilty if something is different that your curriculum, as we all use different materials to fit our needs. You use what works best for you, no matter how nice or better the next item may seem. The grass is not always greener on the other side!

I hope you have a wonderful school year!

Happy Homeschooling,



  1. Hi,
    Stopping by from HSMJ.
    I have a 7 year old son as well as an older daughter.

    Sounds like you have a fun year planned.

    Following you too.


  2. star fall is one of my favorite free websites!!! Thanks for stopping by. We never did "formal" lessons with the boys till they were in 2nd grade. Too much fun going on to sit still and miss it all. have a wonderful year and thanks for stopping by!!!!