Monday, July 18, 2011

Revamping Organization

A few new things in our home…

In every room we have put a laundry basket. We believe this will help in the flow of laundry being washed. The plan is to wash each basket of laundry once a week. Michaels and I’s laundry may need to be done 2x a week as well as the boys laundry, considering there are two people’s laundry being put into each basket.

Towels and sheets will continue to be washed once a week as well.

I am hoping to not have laundry piled up and not put away. This really bothers me. I like to wash laundry and have it folded and put away the same day, but in reality that doesn’t always happen. So, I am believing that this plan will WILL WORK!!

In the Master Bedroom

I have finally cleaned off the dresser and nightstands, thrown out trash and dusted! They look great, and our bedroom seems like more of a bedroom.

We are a family of simplicity. I don’t have a lot of décor around. Our main décor are pictures, willow tree angels and maybe a few things we find here and there.


Our bed and clean nightstands

Our Dresser and basket of Diapers

Kids Bedrooms

Our situation with the bedrooms is that Natalie has her own. Adam and Travis share a bedroom. Natalie had a queen size mattress and box springs and the boys had twin beds.


On Saturday we got this day bed from a friend. We went and picked it up, so I was inspired to do a little cleaning…

So now Natalie is using one of the boys twin mattresses and we have the other twin mattress under her bed, to use as a guest bed.


Natalies dresser and laundry basket


Adam and Travis have the queen bed now. They are loving it. They can now jump as much as their little hearts desire without being yelled at for messing up Natalies bed!

Notice the laundry basket in the corner!


The boys dresser.

Notice Adams baseball trophy, he is very proud.

By moving the beds the kids have more floor space in their rooms. I love that the kids add their own personal touches to the bedrooms.  The kids have put their own blankets on the beds and numerous pillows at times along with stuffed animals. They have also begun hanging up drawings and pictures on their own.


In our dining room we have acquired more, more, more, and more reading books. I just want to tell you, these are outside of our “school” books! My children love to be read to or even just look at books.


These are actual milk crates. Not very nice to look at, but they were free and they are functional! I have a few more and will be adding them in the mix soon because we can’t stuff any more books into these four!

Happy Organizing!

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