Friday, July 8, 2011

Adams Baseball Season


Adam played his last baseball game of the season tonight!

Adam went from hitting off of the tee at the beginning of the season and not wanting to play at all to loving playing his games and hitting the ball when it was pitched to him.

We finished up a wonderful season with the Cardinals at Dairy Queen for ice-cream!  The boys got trophies, a team picture and a poster size picture of themselves and pictures surrounding it of their team mates hitting/catching the ball! The pictures were taken by the coaches wife and given to the boys as a keepsake.

Here’s a little video of Adam in action….

Adam Hits the ball and runs to 1st base!

Travis saying Baseball, Adam playing in dirt at 2nd, Natalie hollering that she has to go to the bathroom! All in all a fun night at the ball field!

We’ll see ya on the field next year, with Michael (Daddy as a head coach). He helped out this year, but was one of five guys helping!!

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