Monday, July 18, 2011



In my life this week:

A very slow paced week with little outside activities!

In our homeschool this week:

We worked on Math, Phonics, and Reading.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:

We went to our co-op book sale. I spent a total of $10. I know, I broke the bank. I ended up getting Natalies math for next year, a couple of reading books and board books.

My favorite thing this week:

We went to a fellow homeschoolers home for a playdate and borrowed a lot of reading books!

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have:

So, I have an upcoming 2nd grader who is a very reluctant reader and doesn’t like to read by herself. She likes for me to read to her. She enjoys looking at books, but doesn’t like to read the words herself. If she does read the words she acts as if she doesn’t know the words, but she has read them before. This issue has been going on for about the last year. I am very frustrated in this situation and don’t quite know how to go about handling it?

I am currently reading:

Bringing Up Girls. By Dr. James Dobson. My final book from my summer reading list.

I have learned way to much from this book about myself, my daughter and the relationship between daughters and fathers. Dr. Dobson has written this book beautifully, I have cried and laughed and even had a few epiphanies!

Something to share:

My most current idea about Natalie and reading. A friend said to me, Do you think Natalie might be scared of loosing the closeness with you if she begins reading all on her own? Do you think she might be scared that you won’t read to her anymore?

So, my thoughts are that….Natalie could be scared that I won’t read to her anymore, but I will always read to her, as long as she will listen to me!

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  1. Or perhaps she doesn't have a lot of confidence with reading? Or she's afraid of "mistakes"?

    Something that works around here is my son reading the right side pages and I read the left. We're reading together and he gets practice in.

    Incentives! Read 10 books and go out with Mom for ice cream for example.

    Stopping by from THMJ!