Friday, September 2, 2011



In my life this week:

Have you ever had a week where you would like to crawl in a closet until it was over? Have you ever prayed so hard for Jesus to come back?  I have had one of those weeks. I have been up and down emotionally and am feeling weak and inadequate of all God is calling me to do on a daily basis. I feel so overwhelmed at times, but know I am doing what He wants me to do. Does that make sense?

In our homeschool this week: 

 We started our first co-op classes on Monday. Natalie and Adam are taking a Phys. Ed. class and art class. I am of course in the nursery with all the littles!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:

The kids and I went to the Childrens’ Museum this week and then to Taco Bell for lunch. It was a free day because we used their free pass for the museum and free taco card that they earned from the Summer Reading program at the library!

My favorite thing this week:

 I cleaned and straightened up my laundry room. Washed. Dried. Put away. ALL of the laundry. I love being ahead of the laundry pile!

Something to share:


A picture I snapped on our trip at the museum. Don’t you just love the Mr./Mrs. Potato Heads!!

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  1. What a cool photo! It took my a sec to realize what it was of! LOL

    Sorry you've had a trying week, but hang in there! Next week is a whole new one!

    And don't you love a free outing?!