Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Library Day Monday

A little late this week, but better late than never?!! We went to the library on Wednesday as opposed to Monday! It just didn’t work with our schedule. While at the library today we walked up the stairs to the childrens department and then on our way down we took the elevator….and while in the elevator, Travis (21M) pushes a button. Oh what button you may ask? Well he pushed the one that was right at his eye level and says 911 Emergency…so we got off the elevator and a couple of librarians scurried over to the elevator and we heard loud noises from the automatic answering voice that answers the call. So we had an amusing time at the library! Never a dull moment here! I love it!  Just to say the least, this was not the first time that this button has been pushed by “us”. I believe has done it at least 2x in the past by Adam!

Our 3rd week went well, and the kids read more books than they had set for their goal! I love it! We ended up not finishing Charlotte's Web. They just didn’t seem to be into the book. So we will try again another time. They received their reward for their 3rd week. It is a ticket to go to the childrens museum here in town. They are excited about the ticket and begged to go to the museum today…well I apologetically said NO. So, we came home and they played in their pool, ate lunch outside, and are now NAPPING!!

So here we are in the 4th week of the Summer Reading Program.

Goals for Reading

Natalie 5

Adam 5

Travis 5

This means that Natalie and Adam must read 5 books on their own, it doesn’t count for the ones I will read aloud to them. Something new! Adam will read the words he knows, his sight words. Natalie on the other hand can read on her own.

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