Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Day Friday

On Friday, the last day of the “official school week” we are going to be posting something fun that we are doing! So for our first Fun Day Friday, we decided on the spare of the moment to have a picnic outside for lunch. It was really the kids idea and they asked if they could have some picnic food…


This famous picnic lunch consisted of a pb&j sandwich, pickles, carrots and some apple juice!


001Travis is a food thief. He took Natalie’s sandwich after he ate his own and then fell down onto his own plate and got jelly stuck to his rear end! Quite comical!

003Yes, its lunch time and Adam is still in his pj’s!

005Natalie not to impressed with the picnic lunch, or maybe she is still mad about not being able to take out like 5 pillows for everyone to sit on. Wow her life is hard!

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  1. Fun! Stopping by from the workbox group and following now ;)