Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why can’t the children sleep???

This week has been awful for sleeping in our household. Especially at bedtime. The kids have been bubbling with reason for not going to bed. Now granted the house is hot, our air conditioner is not working correctly. It is hot outside, so really the only comfortable place to be is in the basement. Well we are not all going to sleep in the basement. So...this leads to reasons of why the children can’t sleep, remember these are their own words, not mine!

  • Their allergies are to bad.
  • They are thirsty/hungry.
  • I poked myself in the eye.
  • My room is to hot.
  • I am to hot.
  • I am to cold.
  • I don’t feel good.
  • I’m not tired.
  • My throat hurts.

And last but not least, my favorite of the week...I can’t go to sleep because there is something on my foot and its bothering me!!!! Really? Are you serious? That same thing has been there all your life, or as long as I can remember. GO TO BED..IF YOU GET UP AGAIN I WILL GET MY WOODEN SPOON.


Well I of course wouldn’t use this particular one, I have already broken it! Don’t worry I have more!

We should hopefully have the air fixed in the next couple of days. Maybe then we’ll get some good rest!

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  1. Good luck with your ac. I know how uncomfortable that can be!