Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Library Day Monday…..

I meant to write this on Monday, well its now Wednesday. Sorry life happened!

Well what did we find at the library this week? We found about 21 books to bring home with us.

Natalie picked out a few books to *read* by herself. She really can read, but likes to pretend she doesn’t know some words so that she will get help. We don’t mind helping her, but it is a little annoying when we know that she can read a word and pretends she doesn’t know it.

Adam got 2 books to *read* with help. We are starting with a few Dr. Seuss books that have consonant vowel consonant words and simple sight words. We are also continuing with our beginning readers at home as well.

Travis picked a few books as well. He isn’t reading yet, but enjoys being read too!

I have been implementing family reading time in the evening before the kids go to bed and we read a few books that they pick.

During the day we do individual reading time.

Natalie- 20 min. of reading aloud on her own, I will assist if needed.

Adam- 10 min. of reading aloud on his own, I will assist if needed.

Travis- as long as he allows, I will read books he chooses aloud.

I love reading books to my children. They enjoy listening to the stories and guessing what will happen next in the stories! This is a great time to curl up on the couch and get in a little bonding time with them as well!

Happy Reading


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