Sunday, May 15, 2011

Science Day Monday

On Monday, I usually post about our trip to the library, well we didn’t make it to the library today!

I have Science on my mind! We have a few things going on here….


This is a birds nest that was being built in our garage. This is the second one we found. The first one was knocked out by a broom stick! And just a couple of days later this one appeared. I hope this birdie finds a new home, because he/she is now homeless.


A cardinal that was in our backyard. There are a few that live around our home and we enjoy watching them.


We have received 9 tadpoles which are soon to be Gray Tree Frogs.  Since we have received them just five days ago they have doubled in size.


This is the habitat we got from our local pet store. If you look closely you may be able to see the tads in their new home! I think they are enjoying their new area.


These are our sunflowers that we have been growing inside for the last 2 months. We will be planting them outside soon.



These are marigolds. Adam planted the in his Sunday school class. He was very excited!

Happy Homeschooling


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