Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Day of Spring

Since this is the last day of spring, I thought it would be fun to make a list of all my spring cleaning! I can’t believe how much stuff we have accumulated since our last clean out, or maybe we just had them and skipped right over them before! I feel so much more organized although I still have a few more things to change around. All the changes I didn’t make as Spring Cleaning, will definitely be deemed as a Summer Project!

On to the list of things given to friends or people we knew would use it….

9 Totes of clothing (adult, kids, and baby)

1 Tote of Shoes

2 Baby Carriers

Infant carseat

Baby Bathtub

2 Exersaucers

Breast Pump


Coffee Pot

2 Cook Books

Don’t forget…………The Trash List

Baby Swing

Lawn Chair

Bouncy Seat

2 Garbage bags of toys (Kids Meal, broken, missing pieces)

That is the conclusion of my Spring Cleaning! I love to bless other people with our no longer needed items, instead of having a garage sale. Its easier for me! I don’t care about the money, I just like to see things go to other homes or even in the GARBAGE!

So, there are a few things that have moved to my Summer Projects List….

Clean out closet and hutch in dining room

Reorganize a few of our school materials

Clean out our storage area

Start to organize pictures that are in a few totes…yes all 10 years worth ( I might even get our wedding pictures into an album!!)

Happy Organizing!




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