Sunday, June 5, 2011

Science Sunday


We have been observing our tadpoles for the last three weeks. In this time the tadpoles have got bigger, longer, and started to grow their legs and tails are getting shorter. We have had two successfully reach higher land and are now FROGS!

Sad news, I went to change the water for the tads and frogs, and noticed that one of the frogs had croaked. We had to say goodbye and this brings our total of tadpoles and frogs down to six. The kids have started naming them.

Here is a picture of our frog…


Flowers in backyard..


A silly squirrel that was on the deck, playing with another one that ran off before I got the camera.


Happy Homeschooling


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  1. Hi - I'm Stef, new to your blog and now following! What a great science experiment! Sorry one "croaked" -- we drained our pool (to refinish) and have a bunch of frogs hanging out in the bottom the boys try to catch them all the time and have too started naming them !!