Monday, June 13, 2011

Max’s 3rd Birthday

Max is my cousin’s son. He turned 3 on June 10, so we celebrated his birthday with a party and cook out! We had such a great time, considering we haven’t seen this part of the family for about 2 years.

I think the kiddos ate more cake than anything! And they drank a few Pepsi's! I didn’t care that they had all this sugar! They were having a great time! Sometimes you just got to have a Pepsi and cake! I did the same!


Cousins from both sides of Max’s family!


Hannah (6), Gabriella (8), Natalie (7), each of these girls looks just like their Mommies!


Natalie, Adam, Hannah, Joseph, Gabriella, and Dominic

(they were screaming WE WANT FOOD, WE WANT FOOD to uncle Nate as he was getting the dinner round of hotdogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill)

This was hilarious!


Checking out the bug collection


Natalie, Hannah, Gabriella (these three were inseparable all day)


Travis and CAKE!!



Travis and Baseball

098Adam and the Girls

Happy Birthday Max! We had a great time with family!


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