Friday, June 10, 2011

Wearing Skirts

I stumbled upon She Wears Skirts at after a friend had wrote something on her blog about it. I thought it sounded interesting and read the entire series. I was awe struck! I loved this idea of wearing skirts, although I have never been a big dress or skirt person in the past. So I thought I would give it a 2 week trial. I would wear skirts only for 2 weeks and see what came of it. I only had two skirts. That would not be enough to wear for two weeks. I talked with my husband and he was on board for the trial period, although he thinks it’s a little off of the wall for me. I know it is! So I went to the Salvation Army store and bought 2 skirts for me and 1 for Natalie. I had enough to make it through the 2 week trial, and Natalie had more than enough(she already has numerous skirts and dresses).

My husband and I have always had modesty as our number one priority with Natalie’s  clothing. Natalie respects us for this and even looks at clothing now while shopping or just being out in public with others as being modest or not. She also realizes things that she would be able to wear and what is not appropriate! I have always been conscience of what I wear and how what I am wearing will be perceived by all around.

So it has now been a month since I began wearing skirts. I believe God has lead Michael and I to agree that it is a life change we are making for our family with Natalie and I wearing skirts/dresses. I love the feeling of wearing a skirt as a woman. I feel a lot more feminine and  am enjoying my homemaking even more. I am also more conscience of how I am sitting, walking and bending over.

I do not believe that there is anything wrong for a woman to wear pants/shorts, I will still wear them to workout in along with anytime I feel it would not be an appropriate activity to wear a skirt in.

I have a few pictures of me in skirts…..





These are two of my skirts. I also have an A-line jean skirt and a solid white with lace trim on the bottom like the T length skirt above!

I currently have taken a few old pairs of jeans and shorts over to a friend that is going to be making skirts out of them for me! I am very excited about this!



Natalie in her Easter Dress 

family0003Me a long time ago..pregnant with Natalie and Michaels College Graduation!

060Here we are at Travis’ baby Dedication. My famous white skirt, and apparently I wear this pink shirt a lot! Its one of my favs!

Happy Skirt Wearing!



  1. I wonder how many women are being led to feminity and modesty by wearing skirts through Amy's series? So wonderful.

    blessings as you begin this journey!

  2. Alright, your post made me cry. Last year I did something very similar. I didn't declare it for a trial period, but went day by day. I hadn't worn a skirt other than to church in... well, my entire life. I have only worn pants a few times since. It's been a huge change, and while I see nothing sinful about pants in and of themselves, I just feel more comfortable and feminine in skirts. If you would have told me the week before I started wearing skirts that it would have happened, I probably would have laughed! It's so funny how God does things!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing this with us! You can visit the post that I linked up for the She Wear's Skirts series at:

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. I loved how pretty out skirts are. I also could really relate to what you said ... "feel a lot more feminine and am enjoying my homemaking even more. I am also more conscience of how I am sitting, walking and bending over." Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Thankyou ladies! I am enjoying reading different posts for She Wears Skirts! There are so many inspirations out there! I am glad some have found inspiration from me! It is all through our Lord, that this is happening!