Monday, June 13, 2011

Library Day Monday


We have finished our first week of The Summer Reading Program! The kids each received a coupon for a free ice-cream cone from McDonalds.  We haven’t used them yet, although I have been asked numerous times!

We went to the library on Friday morning for story time. We then got a few more books to add to our growing collection of returnables at home. We must have close to 60 library books in our dining room right now.

We are still reading through Charlottes Web, along with all the other books we have!

New Reading Goals:

Natalie 7 Books

Adam 8 Books

Travis 5 Books


Our couch in the dining room. Our normal reading spot. All the library books sit on the arm of the couch and the kids will go there at anytime and pick up a book.

Happy Reading, Jackie

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