Monday, June 6, 2011

Library Day Monday


We signed up for our library reading program and have a ton, I mean a TON of books to read! We can go to the library and it is FREE! I get a receipt as long if not longer than my weekly grocery store receipt, and didn’t pay a single penny. I even got a few books to read myself!

I am currently reading…

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So far, I am enjoying this book and learning about the story of Mary Beth and Steven. Mary Beth goes into great detail of being a woman of God and how He has lead her in so many different ways.

Our read aloud time…

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This is currently our 2nd chapter book read aloud book. The children are enjoying using their imagination to make up the story in their heads since the book doesn’t have pictures! I love this!

Library Reading Program:

As we signed up this week the kids each picked the number of books they would read or listen to for the week, we received a Frisbee and all 3 kids and I got a pass to get a “new” book from the library book sale they have once a month.

Number of Books for Reading Program:

Natalie 7, Adam 5, and Travis 10 (I picked his amount. It will be mostly board books.)

Reading is where you use your imagination and go places you may have never gone!

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